Extraordinary is Achievable!

LifeChanger is a productivity app for individuals, families or small teams, that uses inspirational self-help procedures to focus activity and drive productivity towards your most meaningful goals.

Morning Inspiration

Begin your days right

Reinforce your goals and life’s mission with your own personally tailored presentation that will begin your day with a feeling of well-being and enthusiasm.

Days in Control

Achieve more

Let the smart to-do list and day planner help you work better, not harder.   Do important tasks at the right time.   Never lose track of your important goals and  projects.

Evening Reflection

End your days right

Ensure important tasks are not forgotten.  Journal your day and reflect on what you learned and what you can do better tomorrow. Sleep soundly knowing you’re in control.

The Best Productivity app

  • Start your day with inspirational affirmations that you can edit for your own purposes.
  • Feel great after reviewing things you’re grateful for.
  • Organize your day so that your activities are in line with your life’s mission and true purpose.
  • End procrastination by aligning your daily activities with your deeper life’s meaning.
  • Organize your family or small team to keep projects on track for success.
  • Increase your productivity by planning your activities and by regularly reviewing your progress.
  • See at a glance if you are keeping up with your planned activities.
  • End your day in quiet reflection so that sleep comes more easily.
  • Sleep more efficiently knowing that you won’t forget that important task or inspired idea.
  • Try the LifeChanger app for yourself.

Happy Customers

I used to stumble through the day, keeping busy but achieving little.   Since starting with LifeChanger, I’m so much more organized and in control. - A. user

This app is just so fun and easy to use.  It really did change my life for the better.  



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