Begin my Day

Start each day inspired

What is Begin my Day?

How you start your day impacts how your day will progress. Imagine how much you could get done if every morning started with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about the upcoming day.   Start your day right by watching LifeChanger’s “Begin My Day” presentation reminding you of your blessings, your strengths and your achievements, as well as your goals, your values and your mission in life. Carefully constructed wording using the most up-to-date personal development techniques combines with images that evoke powerful feelings of well-being, all with a background of soothing or stirring music.

Personalized for me!

Wake up to our preinstalled inspiring presentation or customize the presentation using your own text and images that most powerfully evoke feelings of gratitude and inspiration and remind you of your affirmations, goals, and values.  Upload your own pictures or choose from our huge image library.  Combine with music of your own choosing or use one of our rich melodies and you’ll instantly have you own personal enthusiasm generator.

The Power of Gratitude

Start the day feeling grateful for the abundance that is already in your life by watching your own personal Begin my Day presentation and you will create more abundance. Successful people tell us that an “attitude of gratitude” is required for success. If you focus on what you “want” you will continue to “want” it. The “Law of attraction” teaches us that if you focus on gratitude for the abundance that is already present in your life you will create more abundance. LifeChanger includes a slideshow presentation called “Begin My Day” with powerful images of things that almost all of us can be grateful for. You can edit this presentation to include things that make you personally feel most grateful to make it even more powerful.

Be inspired to live your most authentic life

Enlist the help of your subconscious mind in the successful accomplishment of your Goals and Dreams. Repeated exposure to what your goals and dreams will look and feel like, opens our minds to notice opportunities around us that will bring these desired outcomes about.  Images that evoke the feeling you expect to feel once your goals are successfully completed are particularly powerful, so why not include such images in your daily Begin my Day presentation. Then LifeChanger will motivate you each morning to make your dreams a reality.   Brainstorm action items and Plan your day immediately after the Begin my Day presentation to ensure that each and every day takes you towards where YOU want to go. 

Install Good Habits

Small positive changes in your actions and behaviors practiced consistently can improve your outcomes exponentially. Practicing a new positive behavior consistently over more than 66 days can create a new habit. Habits allow you to continue the new behaviors without mental effort and allow you to build additional new positive habits on top. LifeChanger helps you to develop positive new habits and encourages you to practice them consistently.

Happy Customers

I LOVE getting going with ‘Begin my Day’.  It really gives me an uplifting start to each day and ensures I get my busy life in order.
- A user.

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