Get in control!

Get organized with Desktops

Eliminate overwhelm by focusing your attention only on things that are relevant to you right now.  LifeChanger can have one or many Desktops. The main Desktop (“My Destop”) is a combination of the BEST TO DO LIST and the BEST DAY PLANNER app. You can arrange this and other “Desktops” to show only the lists you are interested in right now. For example, you might keep things related to work on a separate desktop from things related to your personal life while knowing that nothing has been lost or forgotten. Use multiple To Do lists (e.g. work and personal) with multiple sub-lists (e.g. urgent, DoLater) so that only those items you need to do or think about now are presented, while less urgent or less important items don’t bug you because you know they haven’t been forgotten.  Schedule tasks into your Day plan (calendar) so important tasks are scheduled for when you’re at your most productive and so that non-urgent tasks will come to your attention again when you plan to act on them. Keep your list of ‘Goals” near to your ToDo list and Day Planner so that you keep them in mind as you plan your use of time. Manage all your lists on one Desktop, or separate them into like groups on separate Desktops. E.g. shopping, kids’ sports, vacations etc.   Use Tags to categorize tasks and share tasks with specific tags with your friends, family or coworkers. Knowing that all the information you need is safely organised in the LifeChanger app where you can easily find and access it (there is also a search feature) allows you to focus only on what is relevant now so that you can be at your most productive and at the same time feel totally in control. 

Get Organized with Day Planner

Do you often feel OVERWHELMED by the number of things you have to get done? Does this sometimes prevent you from getting started with ANYTHING? Putting only those items you plan to do today on your DayPlanner makes the day seem more manageable and defeats procrastination.

SHARE your shopping list with your partner. When shopping you can see if your partner has already bought the item you are missing (even when they are just in the next isle). 

List things to take on your annual vacation and, when you’re there, save pictures or comments on hotels and restaurants right into the same list, along with contact details of local amenities and friends you made at the swim-up pool bar.

To Do List

Evidence shows that highly successful people begin their day with a brainstorming session to plan their activities.   In LifeChanger that’s a breeze!  Add the day’s tasks to your To-Do list and then drag and drop them onto your day-plan for today,  tomorrow, etc.  Or give a task in your ToDo List a specific date/time so that it remains on the To-Do list while also appearing in the Day Planner.  Share work-related tasks with your work colleagues and share personal tasks with your friends and coworkers.

Day Planner

A study of US citizens suggested that 90% of them spend more time planning their next vacation than planning their life. This is not true of highly successful productive people. There is also evidence that scheduling tasks that would otherwise just be on a ToDo list makes it more likely they will get done. Use the Day Planner to schedule tasks, particularly important ones and do you best to stick to the plan. Most days are comprised of a mixture of fixed-time tasks (e.g. meetings) and other tasks that just need to be fitted in (e.g. shopping).  In the Day Planner, assign those untimed tasks to ‘productivity zones’ to ensure you do the important ones when you’re most alert (e.g. in the morning) and the less important or less complex ones (like reading emails) when you are usually less alert (e.g. after lunch).  Good Habits that you want to install are also listed each day on the Day Planner, so there’s no forgetting them!   A simple  double-tap marks tasks as complete.  If you didn’t complete an important task today, then click and drag it back to your ToDo list or reschedule it.

In LifeChanger you can create as many lists as you like.
Here are some examples of what you can do...

Shopping Lists

You could create separate lists for groceries, for the pet store, the hardware store, etc.   But, the way we like to organize it is with one big shopping list containing all items we regularly buy and then tag each one.  e.g. dog food gets the ‘pet store’ tag. Milk can be bought from the local grocery and the pharmacy so it gets 2 tags.   When you’re out-and-about, a simple tap or two filters the shopping list to show only grocery items and only those you still need.   When you add milk to your cart,  double tap it in LifeChanger.  Your spouse then knows you just bought it as (s)he can see the ‘done’ status and the date/time (and can even get a notification message if required).

Vacation Lists

Kid’s sports List

Keeping track of your kids’ soccer, football and baseball practices with all the dates, times and locations used to be a chore.  No longer!
In LifeChanger, create a Sports list and add one entry on it for each sport and each kid.  Pin each entry to the list.  When you know the dates, drag e.g. the soccer entry to each date and time on your day planner.  Because it’s pinned, a clone will be created and linked back to the main soccer entry.  At any time you can open that entry and see all the soccer dates cloned from it – i.e. there’s no need any longer to go scouring through dates on your calendar.  Of course, because you sensibly tagged the soccer entry with the kid’s name, your spouse can see all the same info without lifting a finger.


In a lot of countries it’s mandatory to have your car inspected every year.  In the UK it’s called the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test.  If your car doesn’t have a valid MOT in the last 12 months you’re liable to a fine.  But, if you have your car tested 11 months after the previous test, you need to get tested within the next 12 months from that date.  i.e. a simple recurrence where you set a reminder every 12 months doesn’t cut it for this task.  In LifeChanger it’s simple.  Add an MOT Task to your Favorites list.  Every time you get an MOT, drag and drop it onto your Day Plan on that day to create a clone and set a reminder for 11 month’s time so you have 4 weeks in which to arrange to get your car tested next year.   You can open the MOT task on your Favorites list at any time to see the date on the last clone that indicates when your car was last tested.

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I LOVE getting going with ‘Begin my Day’.  It really gives me an uplifting start to each day and ensures I get my busy life in order.
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