End my Day

Quiet Reflection

What is it?

Sleep experts and  successful people tell us that the last hour before sleep should be spent in quiet reflection. End my Day provides an opportunity to review your day’s activities, consider what you did well, what you learned and what you might do better tomorrow or next time a similar situation arises. You can mark items as complete, providing a record of your activities (from which you can later create a reports), review your progress with the installation of new positive habits and reschedule incomplete tasks. You can then finish with a link to your favorite music or meditation site so that sleep comes easily.  


  Self-development gurus recommend journaling as a way of celebrating the wins and learning from the failures (feedback) of each day. End my Day provides a space for this journaling, but in addition allows the use of customizable ‘tags’ so that later you can search and view a report of all your reflections on a certain topic. e.g. “things I have learned”, “progress made toward a particular dream or goal”, “milestones reached by my child” etc. This allows you to review the progress that you are making in a particular area, ensuring that your life is going where you want it to and allowing you to make changes and brainstorm new tasks where needed.

End my Day

The End my Day section of the LifeChanger App uses cutting edge psychological techniques to improve your productivity and your sleep efficiency. A celebration at the end of each day of tasks completed, new positive habits stuck to and ideas and opportunities you had today,  provides a great platform to move forward. You will also notice if your day did not have many “wins”, so that you can resolve to be more goal oriented tomorrow. Here also is an opportunity to review the “don’t break the chain’ calendar view of the positive habits you are trying to install for further inspiration. 


Simply writing down the important thoughts, ideas, actions and learnings of your day in a journal format has been shown to improve productivity. But the additional ability to search for and review individual types of journal entries allows you to assess your progress, formulate new ideas, see how far you have come from this time, last month/year/ 3 years for further inspiration. Brainstorming for new action steps (tasks) during this review can be particularly rewarding and can set your subconscious to come up with more ideas as you sleep.   

Improved Sleep

Finishing each day in “day-tight compartments”, with time set aside at the end of the day to consider the day’s content, frees up the mind for more efficient sleep. Brainstorming now for ideas that can be acted on or scheduled later also prevents these ideas from waking us up in the night and frees up the mind to search deeper for more inspired ideas as we sleep. Finishing this session with a link to an audio-file of your favorite meditation or music also prepares us for more restorative sleep.

Happy Customers


I LOVE using LifeChanger’s ‘End my Day’.  It lets me de-clutter my mind before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep.

- A user.

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