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Yes, you can create tasks that recur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even fine-tune when they occur.  Tasks can be recurred so they’re scheduled for a fixed time on each date or in a productivity zone – e.g. morning, lunchtime, afternoon, etc.

Yes, you can use your own images, music and text or choose from our library of images and music tracks.   Click here to view the help topic.

Yes, using drag and drop.  Tap/click and hold down on a task, image or contact to start the drag.  Move to the position you want the item and release to drop it there.

In LifeChanger, sharing is performed at the List level. See here for more details.  You can share individual tasks by sharing a List with certain tag(s) and making sure the task you want to share has that tag.   e.g. to share a task with Emma you could create a tag called Emma and assign that to the task(s) you want to share.  Then share the list with Emma ensuring that only tasks with the Emma tag are shared.

Yes. First add another LifeChanger user as a Friend. Then, click the pen (edit) icon at the top right of the list you want to share.  Click on the Sharing tab to set  what and how to share. For more details see the Friends and Sharing section in Help.

Tap/click on the button with 3 dots at the bottom right of LifeChanger to show the main menu.  Tap/click the gray Profile button in the Settings section.  Tap/click on the Key tab on the right.  Type your new password and tap/click the green tick button at the top right.

Tap/click on the date at the top of the Day Planner and you’ll see a date selector.

Delete a List by drag and dropping it onto the Trash can at the top of the app.  I.e. tap/click and hold down on the Title of the List to start the drag.  The trash can will automatically appear.  Drag the List over the trash can and release.  All items on the List will also be deleted so take care!


Delete a Task by drag and dropping it onto the Trash can at the top of the app.  I.e. tap/click and hold down on the Task to start the drag.  The trash can will automatically appear.  Drag the Task over the trash can and release.


To delete your account, please let us know at info@lifechanger.com. Along with the request, please leave a description on why you’re leaving us so we can improve the service.


1/ double tap/click on it

2/ tap/click on it to open the task details page and then change the Status to Done in the selector.

Open the Task by tapping/clicking on it.   Click on the Date/Time tab and change the date and/or time.   Tap/click the green tick button.

You can use LifeChanger on as many devices as you like (e.g. your Windows PC at work, your Mac at home, your iPhone and your Android tablet) but only a maximum of 3 of them can be logged in at one time.

LifeChanger works on iOS, Android and in any modern web browser.  So, you can use it on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows, Mac, Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.

The cloud symbol at the bottom left of LifeChanger gives an indication of the sync status.

 implies you’re not on-line.  You can still use LifeChanger but you won’t see new changes made by other people until your internet is restored.

 implies you’re on-line and all data is synchronized.

 implies you’re on-line and data is currently being synchronized.  You can use LifeChanger as usual when it’s synchronizing.

You can tap/click on the pin symbol on a task, image or contact to toggle between pinned and unpinned.  When you drag an unpinned item from one list to another, it’s moved.   When you drag a pinned item, a ‘clone’ is created.  i.e. the item remains on the list it’s being dragged from and a clone (copy) is created on the destination list.  The clone automatically keeps a reference back to it’s ‘parent’ – i.e. the item it was cloned from.  You can create as many clones as you want from an item.   If you open the parent item, you can see a list of all its clones.  That’s useful if e.g. you create a Kid’s Soccer task and then create clones of it on the Day Plan on the dates soccer practice will occur.   At any time you can open the parent task and see all its clones which shows you all the soccer dates that are scheduled.

Each List in LifeChanger has it’s own sharing rules which are independent of the rules on any other Lists.   This means you can drag and drop someone else’s shared List into your own private List on your Desktop to create a sub List without affecting the sharing on either List.  Changing the sharing on the parent list will not change the sharing on the sub-List.  And changing the sharing on the sub-List will not affect the sharing on the parent list.

If you use LifeChanger in a team environment, the Team Leader could have a private List in which he embeds a shared list from each Team member so he can monitor project progress.

You can see a Task, Image or Contact on a list if any of the following conditions are true:

  • You created it
  • It’s on a list you created
  • It’s shared with you by another user

If any of those are true and you still don’t see your item, check if you have a Filter set on the List.  i.e. click on the  icon at the top left of the list.  You may have set a Filter than only shows e.g. items with a Status of ‘To Do’ or only those with a particular Tag.   If that’s the case, you can delete the filter (so all items are shown again) by tapping/clicking the trash can icon on the Filters page.

No. Not now, not ever. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

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