Best Practices


ToDo List

Great things:

you can reorder (prioritization), add notes/comments to tasks, tasks can evolve over time, can see entire task history.

Use lists in lists to bring URGENT tasks to the forefront and hide tasks that you don’t intend to touch for more than a week without losing them.

Reasoning behind writing tasks down (de-stress) and hiding them.

The To Do list is pre-loaded with some sub-lists:

Urgent : this is where you will put items that occur to you during morning brainstorming (or anytime later) that you must do today.  These items should be moved to appropriate time slots in your Day Planner as soon as possible.  Check as part of end-my day that tasks in your Day Planner are completed.   Move any that are not complete back to your To Do list or delegate to others.

Main Todo List: for items that you plan to start anytime in the next 7 days and for high-priority/important tasks that you want to keep in mind.

ToDo Later: items that you don’t even need to think about for more than a week but don’t want to forget.  Note: you can set a reminder to check this list at least once per week so items can be moved to higher priority lists when appropriate.






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