As described before, when you drag a pinned Task to another List or within the same List, a Clone (copy) of the Task is created.   The Clone is linked back to the pinned Task from which it was created.  We’ll call that original pinned Task the “parent” from now on.  Multiple Clones can be created from a single parent.  If you open the parent Task, you can click on the Clones tab and see all of its Clones. (Not yet implemented).   This has some extremely useful effects.  For instance, if you have a pinned “Kid’s Soccer Practice” task on your Favorites list, you could drag and drop it onto each day in your Day Planner that your kid has a practice scheduled.   Then, at a later date, rather than having to search through a million events on your Calendar to see the date of the next practice, you can simply open the parent Kid’s Soccer Practice on Favorites and see all the soccer dates listed there.  If you’re conscientious enough to mark each practice as Done, you can see at a glance when the next one is scheduled. 

That same cloning idea is useful all over the place – when you last gave the dog its flea meds, when’s the next team meeting, when you last got your car serviced, etc.