Day Planner


The Day Planner is where you’ll schedule your daily tasks.   We recommend you plan your day in your early morning while you’re still feeling inspired by your Begin my Day presentation and add tasks to your To Do list.   Decide which are urgent, which are important, which take you towards your goals and then drag them onto the appropriate spot on your Day Planner.   Alternatively, tap the   button at the top to create a new task straight onto the Day Planner.

Some tasks will have a fixed start time and duration; others just need to be done today but it doesn’t matter when.  We’ll describe in the next sections below how to setup both types of task.

Move between days one at a time using the < and > buttons at the top or tap the date to choose the display date.  Tap the v button in the middle to drop down a day display so you can scroll through days of the week quicker.  Tap the DAY PLANNER caption to go to today’s date.

Drag ‘n Drop from your To Do list or from any other list.  

As  with any other list, you can Share your Day Planner with your Friends so they can see what you have on your schedule for today.  

Where do I start?

Your Day Planner is on the Desktop.  If you’re not on the Desktop already, tap the main menu button with three horizontal lines    at the top left of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Then, tap Desktop.

Take me to the Desktop in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Productivity Zones and Timed Tasks

In the Introduction section above, we mentioned you should be careful to drag tasks into an “appropriate spot” on your Day Planner.   Let’s explain.  Some people are morning-people and work best in the morning.  Others are night-owls and work best in the afternoon or evening.   For this reason, LifeChanger lets you define your own Productivity Zones – i.e. you can indicate when you’re most productive, when you’re least productive and when you’re somewhere in-between.

You should make sure you drag and drop your most goal-oriented tasks and those tasks that need to be done when you’re most alert into your Most Productive Zone and those busy tasks that don’t need much thought into your Least Productive Zone.

LifeChanger comes pre-installed with several Productivity Zones called:  Most productive zone, Least productive zone, Mid productive zone and Self-development zone.  You can edit/configure/delete those to suit your lifestyle as described in the next section below.

Some tasks need a specific start time and maybe a fixed duration rather than being assigned to a Productivity zone.  e.g. tasks created to represent a dentist’s appointment or flight times, etc.   You can setup timed tasks in one of 2 ways:

  1. using the clock card  as described on the Task details page.
  2. by dragging and dropping a task onto the clock drop-zone that appears on the right hand side of the Day Planner as soon as you start dragging a task, image or contact.  When you drop on the clock drop-zone, a calendar and time selector is shown so you can choose the new date and time.  The clock drop zone looks like this:   

When a task has a fixed start time, that time (and the end-time, if set) is shown on the task when it’s displayed on the list.  

Configure Productivity Zones

To configure your productivity zones, tap the    button to show the main menu and then Settings. Tap Day Planner.

A page is shown that lists your existing Productivity zones.  For each, the start and end time is shown along with a color button.

Tap one of the time selectors to change the start or end time of a zone.  Tap the color button to change the background color and text color of a zone.  Rename a zone by typing into the name text box. 

Note: changes to productivity zones only affect the zone going forward.  i.e. if you look at yesterday in your Day Planner, the zone will look the same as it did before your changes.

Tap the trash can icon to delete a zone.  When you delete a zone, it just affects today and days in the future.  i.e. you’ll still see it on previous days in the Day Planner and all tasks in the zone will still be displayed.   You will no longer see the zone today or on future days.  Tasks in the zone that are scheduled for today or in the future will be moved to a neighboring zone.  

Tap the Add zone link to create a new zone.  You’ll need to provide a name, times and color.

You’ll notice there are Sleep zones at the top and bottom of the page.  The top one covers the time from midnight until your usual wake-up time.  The bottom one covers the time from your usual end-of-day until midnight.   These 2 zones are not displayed on your Day Planner but, if you start dragging a task, you’ll see them appear so you can drop tasks into them for those (hopefully) rare cases when you want to schedule an appointment out-of-hours.



Productivity Zones #2

As mentioned previously, LifeChanger comes pre-installed with several Productivity Zones called:  Most productive zone, Least productive zone, Mid productive zone and Self-development zone.  But you’re free to rename, add, delete them as required.   

For example, if you need to book people or resources into hourly time-slots you could setup your productivity zones as shown in the screenshot.   Then, simply assign your customer/client into the appropriate zone slot.



Infinite View

If you want to see more than one day’s events in your Day Planner, tap the context menu button at the top right and choose Infinite View.   Days and their events will be displayed as one, long scrolling list.

Tap the context menu button again and choose Daily View to return to showing one day at a time.