Display Settings


The Display Settings section includes some settings that let you configure the display of LifeChanger to your liking.

Tap/click the    button at the bottom right of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap/click  the gray Display button in the Settings section.




Tag Style

  • Choose “Normal” if you want tags to appear with their name and a Tag icon: 
  • Choose “Compact” if you want tags to appear as a simple bar which takes up less vertical space: 

Time Format

  • Choose AM/PM if you want times throughout LifeChanger to appear like this:  9:30PM
  • Choose 24h if you want times to appear in 24 hour / military format like this:  21:30

Item tooltip field 

This option is only relevant if you’re using LifeChanger on a computer with a mouse.   It indicates what you want to appear in the tooltip that’s displayed on the mouse cursor when you hover over a task, image or contact.  Choose one of the options from the selector:

  • Name:  the name/title of the task, image, contact
  • ID: the internal identifier of the item
  • Tags:  the list of tags (if any)
  • None:  no tooltip

Unlock ‘Begin My Day’ Portrait orientation

By default, the display will switch to landscape mode when you start the Begin My Day slideshow presentation as that gives the best view of the images and text.  However, if you prefer, you can watch the presentation in portrait mode.  To allow that, turn this option On.