End my Day


End my Day in LifeChanger helps you to finish the day right by making sure you haven’t forgotten anything important.  You can review the day’s Tasks and mark as Done any you omitted to update during the day.   You can also delegate Tasks to other people,  reschedule them or delete any that don’t need to be retained.

Once your Tasks are in order, you can enter Journal entries about the day’s activities, write notes about what you learnt today and what you could do better tomorrow.  All taggable and searchable, of course so you can keep what you’ve learnt at the forefront of your mind.

 A few good minutes in End my Day will set your mind at ease knowing everything is under control, ensuring a good night’s sleep. 

      Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Where do I start?

Tap the button at the top left of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap the End My Day button.  Alternatively, tap the yellow End My Day button on your Day Planner on the Desktop.

Take me to the End My Day page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Manage Tasks

All your Tasks for the day are listed and you can use the quick update buttons to deal with each Task in turn.   

Tap/click the button to mark a Task as Done.  Tap/click the  to mark it as To Do.

Tap/click the   button to delete a Task.

ToDo: delegate, reschedule

Journal Entries



Things I Learned Today



Things I Can Do Better Tomorrow