Friends and Sharing


One of the HUGE benefits of LifeChanger is the ability to share information with other people.  Sharing is performed at the List level.  For example, you could share your Project list with members of your team at work, and your To Do list, Day Plan, Shopping list, etc. with your spouse. 

When you setup the share (or at any time later) you can choose whether to share all items on the list or just those with or without particular tags.

You share Lists with your Friends.  You must setup a Friend relationship first (as described below) to ensure both parties want to share Lists with each other.  

Where do I start?

Tap the  button at the top left of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap the Friends button.  Your existing Friends (if any) will be listed.

Take me to the Friends page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Create a new Friend

Creating a new Friend is a two step process.

  1.  user 1 makes a Friend request to user 2.
  2. user 2 accepts (or rejects) the request.

Tap the + button at the bottom right of the Friends page.   Enter the LifeChanger username or email address of your potential Friend and click the green tick button.  LifeChanger searches for that user and, if found, notifies them of the Friend request.  At this stage the Friend’s name appears as Pending in your Friends list.

Accepting/Rejecting Friend Requests

When the person being friended views their Friends page, they will see the Friend request marked as Pending.   They can either tap the green tick button to accept the request (in which case lists can be shared between the 2 users) or tap the trash can to reject the request (in which case no sharing will be allowed).


To share a List with one or more of your Friends, first tap the round button with 3 vertical dots at the top right of the list and then Share.   When you first view it, the page will be empty except for the Add friend button.   Tap that to add one or more Friends to share the list with.  Leave the tick in the Can Edit check box if you want to friend(s) to be able to add, update, delete list items.  Remove the tick if you want them to be able to see list items but not make changes.

Tick Advanced if you want to see more sharing options.   In the selector that’s shown, choose one of the 4 values below:

  • Share all items: all items on the list will be shared with your Friend(s).
  • Share items with ANY of these tags: only items that have at least one of the tags you specify will be shared with your Friend(s).
  • Share items with ALL of these tags: only items that have all of the tags you specify will be shared with your Friend(s).  e.g. only those items that have both the Personal AND Soccer tags.
  • Share items EXCEPT those with ANY  of these tagsonly items that do NOT have any of the tags you specify will be shared with your Friend(s).  e.g. all items EXCEPT work-related items.

e.g. you might share personal items with family members and work-related items with work colleagues.

Once you have set the sharing options,  tap the green tick to save your changes.