We all have habits, both good and bad. Most of our daily activities run on autopilot due to habits that are already deeply ingrained. We can use this ability to run on autopilot in the direction that we choose, by purposefully installing positive habits and purposefully uninstalling detrimental habits (by installing their opposite). Habits are actions we perform without having to summon up a lot of energy, because there is no mental discussion, or wasting of emotional energy deciding whether to do it or not. Most of us have developed some useful/healthy habits, such as cleaning our teeth every morning/evening as well as some less health promoting habits, such as chewing on fingernails. Habits are formed initially by repetition. It is said that a new habit is “installed” after 66 daily repetitions. At first it is hard to make yourself do the action, involving an effort of will, but as time goes by it gets much easier. It is clear that if we set out in a ship on a particular course, even a tiny change in direction practiced consistently over time can completely change our destination. Purposeful installation of positive habits similarly can completely change how our lives unfold. If you have several new positive habits you want to develop, try starting them one at a time, starting the next one when the first is less arduous (perhaps after the first 26 days). 




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Where do I start?

Tap the   button at the top left of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap the Habits button.  Your existing Habits (if any) will be listed.

Take me to the Habits page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Create a new Habit

Tap the + button at the bottom right of the page.  Enter a Title (name) for the habit, choose any Tags that are appropriate (you probably don’t need any Tags on Habits), enter Details, if appropriate, and tap the green tick icon. 

Tap/click the trash can icon to delete a Habit.

Habits in Begin my Day

If you’ve configured Habits to be displayed in your Begin my Day presentation, a page will be shown in the slideshow listing your Habits as inspiration and a reminder to do them.

Habits in the Desktop

Any Habits you’ve defined will be shown in a collapsible sub-List at the top of your Day Plan.  Tap the sub-List title to expand the section.  Once you’ve completed each habit, double tap it to indicate it’s Done.


Don’t Break the Chain

Don’t Break the Chain is a motivational technique purportedly used by Jerry Seinfield.  Each January, he’d hang a yearly calendar on his wall and, on every day he wrote new material, he’d draw a red “X” over that day.  Eventually, he’d have a chain of red Xs. and the idea was to never break that chain.  LifeChanger automatically colors the date for you each time you mark a Habit as Done, so you can admire your uninterrupted “chains”.  You can motivate yourself to continue good Habits with a couple of taps – goto your Habits page, tap a Habit and there’s your Don’t Break the Chain view already filled-in.

If you have kids, you might consider creating daily Habits for them such as reading for 20 minutes each day or making their bed.  You can show them their Don’t Break the Chain view(s) to keep them going.  And, in addition, LifeChanger keeps a High Score of consecutive days completed for each Habit.  Make sure your kids continue to try beating their high score and they’ll be reading and tidying machines in no time.