A key benefit of LifeChanger is that it lets you keep related information together in one place – Tasks, Contacts …  and Images.

Where do I start?

You’ll work with Images on the Desktop.   If you’re not there already, tap the    button at the top left of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap the Desktop button.  You can create an Image on any List.   If the List is an Image list, tap/click the yellow button at the top.   Otherwise, tap/click the round button with 3 dots and then Add Image.

Either way, the Image page will be shown.    The Image page will have different buttons on it depending on the capabilities of the device you’re using.   e.g. on an iPhone, you’ll see Camera and Library buttons, while in a browser on a Windows PC you’ll see a Click or Drop to Upload button.

You can edit an Image later.  To do that, tap/click the Image in the list to show the Image page.

Take me to the Desktop page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Take a picture

Once you’re on the Image page, you can take a picture straight into LifeChanger if your device supports it (e.g. you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet, etc. with a camera).  Tap/click the Camera button.  You may be prompted by the device asking if you want to grant access to the Camera to LifeChanger.   Click/tap Yes.

Once you take a picture, you’ll be shown a preview and you can decide if you want to save it to LifeChanger or retake the picture.   If you save it, it will be uploaded to our server (which may take a second or two) and then it will be available to see on all your devices in LifeChanger.

Adding an existing image

If you already have images in your image library on your phone or in your File System on your computer, you can upload them into LifeChanger.   On the Image page, tap/click Upload or Library (depending on the device you’re using) and then choose your image.

Image fields

Whether you’re creating a new Image or editing an existing one, you’ll see several fields in addition to the picture itself.  They’re described here:

  • Namethe name of the Image.  Enter as many characters as you want.  If you’ve copied text onto the clipboard you can paste it here.
  • Tags: tap/click if you want to enter one or more tags to categorize the Image.  If you set tag(s) you can choose to filter, search, share items using those tag(s).
  • Status: choose one of:  To Do (the default), In Progress or Done.  While it might seem strange to include Status on Images, it’s present for 2 reasons:  1/ you might want to use LifeChanger to manage a project and in that project you might want to include Images of computer screenshots or building work, etc.  along with a description of changes required.   You can track progress using the Status.  2/ you might want to apply a filter to a List to only show e.g. items with a Status of “To Do”.   Without a Status field, Images would never appear using that filter.
  • Details: put extended details about the Image into this field.  Type as many characters as you like or copy and paste into it.
  • Location: type the location/address where the picture was taken.

Tap/click on the History tab .  If you’re editing an existing Image, you’ll see a list of changes made to the Image over its lifetime – e.g. who created or edited it and when, who moved it from one list to another, etc.   On this same tab you can also enter Comments.   Enter as many Comments as you like.  Other LifeChanger users that have shared access to the Image can add their own Comments.  Each Comment is shown with the name of the person that created it and the date/time and is shown chronologically among the History items with newest entries at the top.   You can make changes to your own Comments but not to those made by other people.