Multi-User & Devices

Under the standard LifeChanger license you can be logged in to your account on up to 3 devices at the same time – handy if you’re a super multi-tasker!    If you make changes to your tasks and lists, etc. on your IPhone, you’ll see those changes reflected on your Android device and computer almost immediately.   

When you save information, it’s written directly to the storage on your local device and then, in the background, it gets synchronized to your other devices – provided you’re on-line, of course.  If you’re not on-line, that’s fine – the information will be synchronized next time your internet is restored.

Similarly, if you have shared list(s) with your Friends, when you make changes to shared information, your Friends will see the updates almost straight away.

If you try to login to a fourth device, you’ll be politely asked if you want to continue or cancel the login.  If you continue, LifeChanger will log you off on one of your other devices.

We mentioned above that information is stored first to your local device and are therefore available even when you’re off line.   Some items, such as large images, videos, etc.  may be too large to be stored locally and will instead be located on our servers.  Those items will be unavailable until you’re next on-line.   In addition, help resources are sourced from our web site and you’ll require internet to access those.

ToDo login when no internet

ToDo Logout when time out.