The Profile section is where you can view/edit your account details including name, password, email address, profile picture, etc.

Changes made here affect how you use LifeChanger on all your devices. e.g. if you choose a dark background, you’ll see that same dark background when you login to your LifeChanger account on your computer and your phone and your tablet.

Where do I start?

Tap/click the    button at the bottom right of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap/click  the gray Display button in the Settings section.

Take me to the Profile page in the web version of LifeChanger now.


First Name / Last Name:
The name you want to be identified by in LifeChanger.

Choose your timezone from the selector.  This is important, especially when you share timed tasks with others and when you travel between timezones, as it will dictate when notifications are received, etc.   It’s also important for when clocks change in your location between standard and summer-time.

Make sure the email address you provide is valid.  We’ll send information about product updates, etc. to it.

Phone no:  (optional)
Your cell phone number

Date of birth:  (optional)
Your date of birth

Image:  (optional)
Tap/click the Upload button to browse for a picture to use as your profile in LifeChanger.  It will show at the top of the main menu and will be shown on the Friends page.

Tap the card with the Key icon  if you want to change your password.

Tap the Usability card  to set the following options:

Choose i) a light background with dark text or ii) a dark background with light text

If you have good eye-sight, choose the Compact layout in order to maximize the amount of info shown on the screen.  Otherwise, choose the Cozy layout.

Font Size:
Choose either the Default or Large text size

Item Drag Start Speed:
LifeChanger needs to distinguish between when you:  i) tap an item (i.e. a quick tap down and up) to open it for editing and ii) tap and hold an item to start dragging it.   It can be annoying having to wait too long with your finger pressed on an item before the app initiates the drag.  On the other hand, it can be equally annoying if you want to drag an item but the app opens it for editing instead.  So, you need to decide what length of time works for you before the drag mode starts.   Move the slider to the left if you want the drag to start quickly after you press the item or to the right if you’re happy to wait a while!