Once you’ve defined your goals you’ll find that many of your more important ones require the completion of a number of separate/ self-contained projects. Although these projects are separate, they may have action steps in common, or part of one may need to be completed before an action step in another is possible. It’s therefore helpful to be able to see all the projects related to one goal displayed along-side each other and to give each project and each action within a project a time line, taking into consideration its effect on other projects.
Within LifeChanger, you can add projects to each goal and divide each project into as many sections as you need to create a manageable plan. You can add tasks/action steps to any level of the resulting project hierarchy and assign due-dates and reminders to the tasks to ensure they’re not forgotten. You can also add notes to each task to keep track of any progress already made, or mark a task as completed as a record of your progress to be celebrated.
Once you have a written plan with action steps scheduled and thoughts added to appropriate sections during brainstorming sessions, you’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting anything, so you can focus on areas you want to progress in now without distraction. This also removes the feeling of being overwhelmed that often comes when you face a goal in its entirety and that frequently paralyses people into not starting to act at all. This results in displacement activity (finding busy work instead of work that will advance your goals) and is the basis for procrastination.



Where do I start?

Tap/click the    button at the bottom right of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap/click  the blue Projects button.

Take me to the Projects page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Create a new Project

Tap/click the + button at the bottom of the Projects page.  Enter a name for the Project.

Now that you have a Project you can break it down into manageable chunks using Actions.  Each Action represents one significant part of the Project. You can have as many Actions as you like.  Click  and enter a name for the Action.   

You can create Tasks in each Action.   Tasks created here are the same as Tasks created on Lists on the Desktop.   ToDo



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