In this Help section we’ll describe a few of the many scenarios in which LifeChanger excels.

The beauty of LifeChanger is that you can manage all these different scenarios using different Desktops in one account.  Simply switch to the appropriate Desktop and all the information you need is right there without it being lost amongst a hundred other pieces of irrelevant info.  You’re at the grocers: switch to your Shopping Desktop to see what you need to buy.   You’re getting ready to go away on vacation: switch to your Trips Desktop to see what you need to get ready in advance.   

Kid’s Sports

Got kids?  Struggling to keep up with the endless stream of soccer and basketball games and tennis matches?   Tomorrow’s game’s postponed because of a water-logged pitch?  Next Wednesday’s game’s been brought forward and now clashes with your other kid’s game? 

Been there! 

LifeChanger makes it a breeze to manage.  Pin Tasks that represent each of the activities in which your kids participate into your Favorites list.  Set a notification on each – e.g. 1 hour before the start time.  Drag and drop them onto your Day Planner to create clones when you know the date/time of each session.   At any time you can see the whole season’s schedule by opening the main item on your Favorites list and seeing the date/times of each clone you created.


Shopping List

Add items you need to your shopping list.  Add tags to indicate where you get each one – Pharmacy, Grocers, Sports, etc.  Have 2 instances of the same list, one unfiltered and one with a filter applied so it only shows items with a Status of ‘ToDo’ – i.e. you need them.   When you’re at the grocers, double tap/click on each item as you add it to your cart to mark it as Done – i.e. you don’t need it anymore.  That’s even more useful if there are 2 of you doing a rushed shop at Walmart.  Both of you can be at opposite ends of the store but you can see items disappear from your filtered list as your partner marks them as Done.


We use LifeChanger within our company to manage the development cycle of the LifeChanger project itself.  We have a desktop that’s shared between team members and contains lists to manage issues to fix, new features to add, track progress and testing, etc.   Authorized team members can add and assign tasks, add Comments to tasks and move tasks between lists as features move through the development process.  

Tags are used to indicate which items are bugs, which are feature requests, etc. and to indicate which team member(s) are responsible for them.  Screenshot images are used where appropriate to visually show where something went wrong or for mock-ups of new feature requests.  

For more involved feature requests we create tasks with links to requirements documents held on Dropbox.

We use change notifications so testing staff know when development staff have indicated a feature is ready to test.


Keep 2 lists on your Trips desktop for those things you need to take (swim suit, towels, rubber ducky) and those things you need to do (book hotel, rent car).   Tag each one to indicate if they’re relevant for beach vacations, ski vacations, business trips, etc.  Keep a list for each vacation you go on so you have the memories.  Keep track of the contact details of friends you made, restaurants you liked, etc.  Save photos into the list. 

Mandatory Training / MOT

In her previous life as a cardiologist, Dr Deb and all her colleagues, were required to do regular mandatory training sessions to ensure they were up-to-date with the latest practices and procedures in various disciplines.  An administrator at the hospital kept track of when each training session was required and when it was last performed by each doctor.

This kind of thing is a breeze in LifeChanger.  The admin person can keep a sub-list for each doctor that lists one task for each discipline.    The same discipline can be cloned into each sub-list.  e.g. a parent ‘Electro-Physiology’ task can be created and pinned on the admin person’s main ‘Mandatory Training’ list.  Then, drag and dropped into the sub-list for each doctor creating a clone for each.   More…


Sports Club

You own a sports club.   You’ve got 500 members.  You run regular events.  You need to keep track of who has booked the court/pitch/boat/equipment and when.  You need to keep all your members in the loop…

If you have resources that can be booked for fixed times, set the Day Planner productivity zones to represent the time slots.



Imagine if your kids’ school had LifeChanger.  They bought one of our bulk licence packages and gave a copy of LifeChanger to each parent.   At the beginning of the school year they added all their events to their Day Planner and shared it with read-only access with each parent.  In your copy, you can browse the events and drag and drop the school play, the field trip and the sponsored run to your day planner.   Opt in to notifications so you’ll receives updates about those in which you’re interested.   

Maybe your kid’s teacher is also included on the school’s account.   (S)he can keep you apprised of weekly class activities and communicate directly to you or to all the parents of the class as a whole.