You know you created an important Task last week and you know you saved it somewhere safely on a List – or maybe on the DayPlanner…  But where is it? 

Need to find all the entries relating to kid’s soccer but you know they’re scattered across several lists? 

Want to get a list of everything you were doing this time last year?

Sounds like you need LifeChanger‘s Search feature.  

Where do I start?

Tap the button at the top left of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Then, tap on Search.

Take me to the Search page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Search Criteria

If you want to search for a word or words in the Title/Name or Details of a Task, Image or Contact, type the word(s) into the “Search for… ” box and then click the green Search button.

If you want to perform a more advanced search – for example, to restrict the search to only include tasks (not images or contacts) and/or only those tasks with a Status of “Done” and only those scheduled for next week, then tap/click the Filters button  at the top left.  There are several fields on the Filters page:

  • Tags: choose one or more Tags if you want to only include items in your results that have all those Tags.  Leave Tags blank if you want to ignore tags in the search.
  • Status: choose one or more Status values in the selector if you want to find items with those States.   e.g. choose “In Progress” if you only want to find items that are marked as “In Progress”.
  • Item Types: if you’re only interested in finding Tasks, choose Tasks in the selector.  Likewise for Contacts, Images.
  • Date/Time: turn on the “Search items starting in a specified timeframe” option if you want to only include items in a date range.  Once the option is turned on you’ll see “Starts from” and “Starts until” boxes.

Once you’ve chosen all your options, tap/click the green tick to return to the main Search page and then Tap/click the green Search button.

If you want to reorder the results, tap/click the 2 arrows button at the top left .

To see items that have been added/updated recently tap the Recently Updated button .