Tags in LifeChanger are surprisingly powerful given their simple nature.  They’re used for 3 key purposes:

  1. to categorize Tasks, Images and Contacts
  2. to filter/find information
  3. to share information

We’ll describe all 3 purposes below.

Tags can be assigned to Tasks, Images, Contacts and Journal Entries and appear on those items when you view your Lists on the Desktop.   You can choose how the Tags are displayed in the Display Settings section on the Menu


Where do I start?

Tap the  button at the top left of LifeChanger to show the main menu and then tap Settings.  Tap Tags. Your existing Tags will be listed along with those that were shared with you by other LifeChanger Friends.  Note: some tags are pre-installed with LifeChanger as they are commonly used or serve particular functions.

  • Personal
  • Work
  • Urgent
  • Important
  • Habit

Take me to the Tags page in the web version of LifeChanger now.

Create a new Tag

Tap the Add Tag button at the bottom of the page  .    A new tag entry will be created just above the button.  Replace the “New tag” text with a unique name for your tag.   Use the buttons to the right of the tag name (  ) to set the tag’s background color and text color, respectively.

Tap the heart symbol to toggle it between white and blue.  When blue, the tag is a Favorite – i.e. it’s always visible on the Task/Contact/Image page when you edit one of those items so it’s a single tap to add it to the item.  See the Assigning Tags section below. 

Reorder the tags by tapping and holding them.  Then, with your finger still holding it down, move up or down to the new location before releasing.

Assigning Tags 

You can assign a Tag to a Task, Image or Contact when first creating it or when editing it later.  You can add a single Tag or multiple Tags.  For example,  you could add both Personal and Soccer tags to a “kid’s soccer practice” Task.  Assign Tags on the 2nd card of the Task (or Image or Contact).   Your favorite tags (see Create a new tag above) will be visible and you can tap on one or more.   As you tap them, they’ll light up to show they’re assigned.  Tap again to unassign them.   To see other tags (i.e. those that are not marked as being favorite), tap + More.


Filtering a List by Tag(s) 


Sometimes you may want to filter a List so it only shows items (Tasks/Images/Contacts) that have, or don’t have, certain Tags.  e.g. you may only want to see Work-Related items on your To Do list or only Soccer related items on your kid’s activities list, etc.

To apply a filter, tap the button with 3 vertical dots at the top right of any List and then tap the Filter  option.   Tap on any tag(s) you want to filter by and they will light up.  Tap the green tick to apply the new filter.  Only items that have one or more of the selected tags will now be shown in the list.   To remove the filter, repeat the above process but tap the Clear filters button. 

For more advanced filtering on tags, tap the Advanced check box.  Now you can choose whether the filter should show those items that have:

1/ Any of the selected tags (i.e. same as the simple filter description above),

2/ All Tags (i.e. only items that have all of the selected tags will be shown), or

3/ Except tags (i.e. only items that do not have any of the selected tags). 

Searching using Tag(s) 

You can Search for items using Tags.   On the main menu, tap the Search button and then tap the Filter button  at the top left.  In the Tags section tap the double chevrons >> and you can choose one or more tags.   Tap the green tick to return to the main Search page and then click Search.   All items that have all the Tags you selected will be shown in the results

Sharing using Tag(s) 

As you will read in the next Help section, Friends and Sharing, you can share List information with your Friends in LifeChanger.  You can either share all the tasks, contacts, images on a particular List with other people or you can choose to share just those items with certain tags.

To share a list, tap the button with 3 vertical dots at the top right of it and then Share.  In the Share card,  tap Add Friend and choose which people you want to share the list with and then tap the green tick.  Remove the tick from the Can edit check box if you want the friend(s) to be able to see items on the list but not to add/edit/delete them.  Retain the tick if there are sub-lists on the list you’re sharing and you want your friend to get the same access to that as to the main list.

Tap Advanced to see the advanced selector with more sharing options that are hopefully self-explanatory:

  • Share all items
  • Share items with ANY of these tags
  • Share items with ALL of these tags
  • Share items EXCEPT those with ANY of these tags

If you choose one of the tag-related options, another selector will be shown where you can choose which tag(s) to use.  As you would expect, if you share items by tag with other(s), and then remove the tag from the share at a later date,  the items with that tag will no longer be visible to others.