Help: Desktops


Over time, you may find that you create a lot of Lists in LifeChanger and your Desktop starts to become unwieldy.  That’s where Desktops come to the rescue.

You can create as many Desktops as you like and assign appropriate Lists to each.  For example, you could have a Projects desktop containing your main Project lists, your To Do list and your Day Planner.  Each day, drag and drop project tasks onto your Day Planner.   Another desktop called Trips could have Image lists for each of your recent ski trips and beach vacations.  etc. along with lists of things to take.  A third desktop could be for your shopping list(s), etc.

The same List can appear in more than one Desktop.   And the same List can be a top-level list in one Desktop and a sub-List in another Desktop.

To switch between desktops, tap/click the main menu button at the bottom right and tap the arrow next to the top blue button on the menu.  It will expand to show the names of all your desktops and you can tap on one to load it.

LifeChanger is pre-installed with one Desktop called “My Desktop”.

Where do I start?

Tap/click the    button at the bottom right of LifeChanger to show the menu.  Tap/click the gray Desktops button.  Once you’ve created Desktops you can switch between them as described in the intro above.

Take me to the Desktops page in the web version of LifeChanger now.



Desktops page

All of your existing Desktops are shown and you can add or modify them as described below.  Each Desktop is displayed in a list format with the Desktop name at the top (FAVES in the screenshot) and the Lists that comprise it underneath (Favorites, Day Plan, Receipts, etc. in the screenshot).   You can order those Lists by drag ‘n dropping them.  After reordering, that’s the order in which the Lists will appear when you next activate the Desktop.  You can remove Lists from a Desktop  by drag ‘n dropping them onto the Trash can that appears at the top of the app when you start dragging.  Note: this will simply remove the List(s) from the Desktop – it will NOT delete them or their contents.

Create a new Desktop

Tap/click the New Desktop button  at the bottom of LifeChanger and type a unique name for the desktop.   Tap/click the green tick button to save.

Tap/click the round desktop menu button with 3 horizontal dots at the bottom to show the menu.  Delete: deletes the desktop but NOT the lists that are on it.  You can add the lists to another desktop using Add Existing, described below.

Edit: edit details of the desktop – i.e. its Name.

New List: create a new list on the desktop.

Add Existing: shows a list of all your existing Lists (including those shared with you by other LifeChanger users) sorted by creation date with the most recent at the bottom.  Tap on the radio button on the right of those Lists you want to add to the desktop and  tap the green tick to apply.   If there are a lot of existing Lists, you can use the Search box at the top to quickly find the one you want.   


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