Help: Reminders & Notifications


You can tell LifeChanger to remind/notify you in the following situations:

1/ in advance of something happening – e.g. 1 week before a birthday or 15 minutes before a meeting starts.

2/ when a shared item is changed by someone else.


In the example, the user will be notified by email 1 week before Wendy’s party  (in plenty of time to get a gift) and a 2nd time by Alert 1 hour before the party (in time to get there).

Follow Changes

In the example, the user will be alerted when a change is made to the Baked beans item on the Shopping list.   That alert will be sent on all changes to the item – including when the status is changed.  That might be useful, for example, so you know your spouse marked Baked beans as Done (i.e. (s)he already bought them) so you don’t need to make a trip out to the store!

Notification Settings

In the example, the user will :

  • not receive notifications from Adam except on items that have the Important OR Urgent tag
  • not receive any notifications about Centennial items
  • receive all notifications about Deb’s items
  • not receive any notifications from Laura except on items that have BOTH the Bug and Urgent tags 

You can turn off all notifications by switching on the Do not disturb option at the top. 



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