You know you were Meant to be More
The LifeChanger program can Make it Happen

Do you feel like you were meant to be more that this?
Do you sometimes fell that you are racing and pushing just to stay still?
Do you often know what you need to do to progress, but you just can’t make yourself take the necessary action?
Do you worry that your work is preventing you from giving your kids the support they need?
The LifeChanger program can help you unleash your true potential, get you back in control of your life and help you become the best possible example for your kids.

My name is Deborah Lockwood, DrDeb, and I’m going to share with you the 7 key strategies and the supporting app that can help you create the life of your dreams without littering your home and office with post-it notes. But first let me tell you how I found these strategies. I’m a little older than most of you and I grew up in a time where, although there were already many opportunities for women, it was largely a man’s world. Many times in my life people around me told me that what I wanted was “just not going to happen” for this or that reason. However, I was blessed with a stubbornness and a certain disregard for authority that made me question this well-meant advice, often given to me by people who cared about me and “just didn’t want to see me get hurt or disappointed”.
I was told that no-one gets into Oxford or Cambridge University from this school; Women never make it in cardiology; You can’t have a successful professional career and a family; BUT all these things happened for me!
I found that if something I really wanted just seemed right, then there was always a way to make it happen. I didn’t recognize the strategies I was using at first, but later I noticed that things tended to work out for me when I found myself dreaming about the things that I really wanted, picturing them as if they were already real and believing that they were not only possible but meant to be. Before this and other patterns became clear I didn’t always practice them. Looking back I see that I missed out on a lot of additional opportunities and successes when I didn’t use the techniques I will teach you in this program.
For example, I had taken on-board some of the limiting beliefs presented to me by society. One in particular stands out, that “you can’t have a thriving career and a thriving family”. I am so relieved that I recognized and got rid of this one before it was too late, and I now have a beautiful family with amazing twins that I gave birth to at age 48! Do you have any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from attaining the life you were meant to have? A common belief in our culture is that to do better you have to work harder. However, there are many many people who work ridiculously hard and have nothing. It is abundantly clear to me that this is not the answer. Are you still working your tail off for the elusive rewards that this belief suggests are due to you? When things are not going well do you work harder still just to stay afloat?

Over time I came to learn that the techniques I will teach you in this program have been proven to work in the lives of numerous extremely successful people and can be successfully used by anyone and everyone. So much so that those in the self-development world are calling them Universal Laws, that cannot help but work for everyone if properly practiced. Successful people don’t have more hours in the day than others do. BUT: They approach life differently; they think differently; they believe different things; they focus on solutions rather than problems; they develop more productive habits and they persist with the things that work long enough to see different results.

Let me teach you what I have learned in my very full and amazing life, including what has been most effective from over 40 years of study in the self-development field, in which I have invested tens of thousands of dollars, as well as what I have learned more recently while training as a transformational life-coach at the Brave Thinking Institute. I only wish this program had been available to me when I started out. Luckily, it is never too late to learn.

The content of this program is priceless, but in comparing it to other courses with this type of content it has been valued at $5000. However, in these troubled times, I want to get this knowledge and these techniques out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, so my team and I are making it available, for a limited time only, not for $5000 but for $257 AND since the program is brand new, the first 500 people can get this program for ONLY $197 ! This price includes a one year subscription to the LifeChanger app, which you will use to make sure that the techniques described are fully integrated into your life, so that this program will not become one of those “interesting courses” that you were inspired by for a week or two but then just became something that sits on your shelf.

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