You can tap/click on the pin symbol on a task, image or contact to toggle between pinned and unpinned.  When you drag an unpinned item from one list to another, it’s moved.   When you drag a pinned item, a ‘clone’ is created.  i.e. the item remains on the list it’s being dragged from and a clone (copy) is created on the destination list.  The clone automatically keeps a reference back to it’s ‘parent’ – i.e. the item it was cloned from.  You can create as many clones as you want from an item.   If you open the parent item, you can see a list of all its clones.  That’s useful if e.g. you create a Kid’s Soccer task and then create clones of it on the Day Plan on the dates soccer practice will occur.   At any time you can open the parent task and see all its clones which shows you all the soccer dates that are scheduled.